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A solution to help organizations effectively manage their hybrid teams to build a happier, healthier, and more productive hybrid workforce. 

Are you struggling to manage the cultural changes of a hybrid workforce? 

Your employees are your most valuable asset. However, without being able to walk by their desk or have a face-to-face meeting, it’s nearly impossible to gauge employee engagement and happiness. That’s why WellforceIQ proactively checks-in on employees’ satisfaction to help uncover areas where your workforce is thriving or struggling.

Increased visibility into remote workers through automated check-ins

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Ability to track morale within a hybrid workforce leveraging existing Office 365 toolsets

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Establish cultural baseline and trends by department


Recommendations for evolving hybrid culture to increase productivity and employee retention

WellforceIQ is Here to Help!

WellforceIQ collects employee feedback to produce an Employee Morale Index, helping your organization manage and improve hybrid work culture all from a convenient on-demand dashboard.
Gain access to employee sentiment by department and analyze trends and identify areas of improvement.

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